Thursday, 31 August 2017

Introduction to Google adsense - Premium Global Advertising Program

PIN Mailer by Google AdSense
Google AdSense and Google AdWords are two advertising media provided by the Google. While the AdWords is for advertising alone with which the advertisers can reach their customers in any part of the globe to promote their businesses, online stores, websites within their pre set and pre defined budgets and that too by designing ads of their own. Google helps its AdWords advertisers to reduce their advertising costs as they expand their activities by not only targeting their ads to most popular sites displaying adsense ads but also letting the advertisers know the secrets of lowest bidding online.

Goggle Adsense is available to both that is publishers and advertisers. While publishers get paid for the Adsense advertisements shown on their published works by the AdWords customers, the publishers can advertise their websites or online content, video, images within the set guidelines for Adsense and AdWords as per Google terms of service, so that they can redirect the visitors through their AdWords advertisements. Costing exercise has to be done by the publishers opting for AdWords advertising also. After all in addition to advertisers and publishers there is a huge world population of internet users which clicks on the advertisements to buy products and services or get redirected to websites with better content to ultimately find the ultimate products.

Introduction to Google AdSense: As already discussed above it is the most popular advertisement service available to publishers and advertisers on the web through content, videos, games, customized searches, bloggers, authors to monetize their online content. The publishers or website owners earn revenue both from clicks by internet users on advertisements and from impressions or page views that is the users visit your pages with Google Ads displayed on them. Besides valid clicks (invalid click activity is immediately penalized by Google by disapproval of publisher’s account) and the impressions, the publishers can also earn money by including a Google customized search box on their blog or web site through code generated by the publishers from their adsense dashboard. If internet users search the internet through your customized search engine then you, as a publisher, are to get some percentage of the profit relevant to their search terms. Through Adsense the publishers can monetize their YouTube Videos and developers can also earn adsense revenue through their game sites. Get Started to earn money by ethical means.

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