Saturday, 30 September 2017

What is an IP Address or Internet Protocol Address

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Every device like Personal Computer, Laptop, Mobile, Smart Phone which is used to access the internet is allotted a unique number like consisting of four numbers separated by dots. This is what is called Internet Protocol or IP address. This IP Address can provide the General IP information like IP Number, ISP the Internet Service Provider and if Blacklisted or not. Geographical location information of the IP Address like Country, Region or State, City Name and latitude and longitude information of the location. This IP address can be used to identify the ISP, region or country from which the device is getting connected to the Internet. Individual computers or machines have only their individual IP Address. Because the numbers are difficult to remember, IP addresses may be allotted a hostname which may be easy to remember. Internet Service providers issue one unique IP address to any one machine. Such IP addresses used to be called static IP addresses. Due to increasing usage of the internet and limited availability of IP addresses the ISPs now issue dynamic IP addresses using the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, which is auto configuration protocol used on IP networks. The DHCP also limits the user's ability to host websites, mail servers, FTP servers. When a single machine is allowed to function like multiple machines (with multiple domain names and IP addresses), then such IP address becomes the hosting provider for domain names.

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