Monday, 2 October 2017

Become Technocrat Without Technology

The very title of the post may appear to be funny and illogical. But it is neither funny nor illogical as I have gone through the problems, a non-technical person may have faced, among High Tech IT engineers. There are so many intelligent and experienced people who, having the domain knowledge, can get the best IT solutions or Software prepared from IT programmers and developer. Let us take the example of managing employees in a big organization then the existing H.R.D. Manager will be the best source to provide a blueprint or we may call is a site plan showing the various processes to get the best of information, statistical data and above all smooth functioning of Human Resources including automatic sanction of increments, E.P.F. Management, Gratuity Liability Creation, Establishment Costs vis a vis Projected Budgets and so on.   

We had earlier predicted that the year 2016 and 2017 will be years of blogging in India but now when half of the year 2017 is already gone we fine-tune our predictions and I can foresee that during the years 2018, 2019 and 2020 it will be a Classroom Curriculum even for the primary class student and the existing teachers, who are not well conversant or are not comfortable with the changing scenario may find it very difficult and embarrassing. This blog is being started with the intention that such parents, teachers and even primary class students, who need to have their first ever handshake with Information Technology and Tools so as to easily sail through the future. How can one imagine that without knowing A, B, C, D....., Z, one can attempt the spelling of Apple or Technology. Now Technology, Computer Languages will become as important as basic Languages like English, Hindi or regional languages.

To start with we will go ahead with:
  • How to Blog in Blogger
  • What About WordPress Blogs
  • Other Blogging Platforms
  • Launching a website - Single Page Website with your Bio and Social Profile. This Page is going to serve a big purpose as you grow in age and move to higher classes.
  • HTML Language is known as HyperText Markup Language for creating web pages which can be made live on the world wide web through web browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer etc on Windows Operating System, Linux Operating System and other Operating Systems. HTML Language is the basic A, B, C, D of participating on the web.
  • One can easily learn and start his or her own web page or even own blog or website using WYSIWYG (meaning What You See is What You Get)
  • As a primary class student just go this Online HTML Editor you can write any line as you write in a word document and click source, then you will get the HTML code for whatever you wrote in a plain text. Just analyze and you will start getting the idea of as to what is HTML and how simple it is.
  • Now do the reverse search in the Google and try to get HTML Code for a pre-written text or Image. Copy the code and put up in the above online editor so as to get the resultant plain text and the original image. 
  • By repeating the above two exercises, again and again, you will learn that there are Header, Body and Footer like tags with opening and closing tag attributes.
Just to make you comfortable I pick up the HTML code for the above clickable Link Online HTML Editor and place it below:

<a href="" target="_blank">Online HTML Editor</a>

Now copy and paste the above HTML Code in the editor and see for yourself the resultant output. It is converting from HTML to plain text and the tag used was A Href Tag used to provide hyperlinking within the articles.

Send us your comments if it was helpful or not and we will make the tutorials more user-friendly, easy to follow and easy to understand.

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