Thursday, 12 October 2017

Technology without Technology - New Trick to Open Blogger Links in New Window?

Blogger provides an option to opt for the same window or new window for the link to open but mostly the bloggers like to open all their links in a new or separate window so that the readers do not lose track of the original post. No beginner blogger knows this trick and its importance in earlier days of blogging and when its importance becomes known, it is too late. To facilitate such bloggers here is the tricks that have worked on my blogs instantaneously:

Copy the Code :                <base target="_blank"/>

Now open the HTML design of your blogger template and find opening Body tag as   <body> and insert the above tag, as it is, after Body Tag that is


so as to appear as 

<body><base target="_blank"/>

However if you as Newbie, do not able to locate the <body> tag as you may get confused with tag appearing as <body ....html coding .... then you can search for the following closing body tag through Ctrl+F in the HTML designing of blogger template:

</body>  and you can place the within brackets [code] = [<base target="_blank"/>] immediately before it without much thinking  to appear as
<base target="_blank"/></body>.

and save the template. You are done. All your links and Hyperlinks will open in New Window and your reader or visitor will not lose track of your original page, article or resources.

This is so simple. First, Try it, Test it and if liked share among your friends, circles, bloggers and other social networks. Happy Blogging. Your Happiness our source of Joy....

Tip! Find <body> tag in template by Ctrl+F. Check the Purview before saving the template. You can check all my Blogs at Social Hubs in WQA.

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